Data Driven 

Social Advertising 

That Sells Loans.

  • You could identify in-market consumers that are ready to buy a home or who are actively searching for a loan or refi ? 
  • You could influence their buying decisions—before the sale?
  • You could generate 100% exclusive leads that convert at 6X the industry average for 25-75% LESS than Zillow, Lending Tree, & Adwords?

What If...


Introducing IvyLead’s In-Market Targeting— ad technology that drives measurable revenue for the mortgage lending industry.

IvyLead can target active buyers with relevant ads where they spend the most time: on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all in a brand-safe, privacy-friendly way.

With In-Market People Based Advertising

Growth Partnership Program

We are not another lead vendor or marketing agency.  At IvyLead we work with you to constantly improve lead quality and lower costs.  Think of us as your own enterprise team of data and advertising nerds.

We can use your brand not ours in the ads.

Easily Expand Regionally or Nationally 

Limit # of Partners Per State / Metro to not oversaturate market.

100% Proprietary Data / Software Not Accessible by any other lead vendor.

Sent to multiple mortgage brokers

Other Lead Companies

Low Quality & Low Conversion 

High Cost Per Qualified Lead 

Competitive & Hard to Scale


Raymond L. Schwartz III

IvyLead Founder & CEO

Nothing can predict future purchases like current online activities. We deliver your message to the 3% of the market who are actively looking for a mortgage loan..RIGHT NOW...across every network for a fraction of the cost.

100% Exclusive Leads. 

High Quality & High Conversion

25%-75% Lower Cost Per Lead

Predictable & Easy to Scale

Convert More Leads to

Opportunities & Sales

We combine artificial intelligence with machine learning to deliver personalized messages across every channel.

- Voice - Ringless Voicemail & Live Call Delivery & Tracking

- Text - MMS and SMS Automation

- Email - Transactional & Marketing Email Tracking

- Chat - Twitter, Facebook Messenger & Instagram 

By using a.i. we can manage 90% of the inbound responses without a human to ensure no lead goes unworked.